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Book Diversion Safe / Stash Safe


This book safe is a great hiding spot.

This book safe is a great hiding spot- A burglar certainly isn't going to stop and read a book while he's robbing you- Nor is he going to go through your library collection to see if any are hollowed out like this one is- The velvety interior that lines the hollowed out portion will protect whatever you decide to put inside- Although not the most spacious hiding spot, the book safe does provide adequate space for most treasured items- You won't be able to tell this book safe from any other book because it's made out of a real book- In fact, it's designed so well, that unless you open it past the first few pages, you won't be able to tell it apart from any of your other books- You can even take this diversion safe with you when traveling- Thieves are looking for valuables, but they won't think to look in a book- A great idea for your home or a great idea to give as a gift

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