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Soda Safes / Diversion Safes / Stash Safes


These are diversion safes that look and feel just like a real soda. You won't be able to tell a difference. They are even weighted to feel like they have soda inside them.

Experts say that a burgular will spend about 8 minutes inside your home. They'll be in a hurry and will grab the most obvious valuable items. That's why diversion safes work so well. Even the most professional burgulars won't think anything of these! They will look right over a sada safe that is full of thousands of dollars in cash, jewelry, etc.

Hiding valuables in diversion safes makes perfect sense!

It is the best way to hide your jewelry, money, pills, etc. It can go with you on vacations, inside your car, on business trips, in your dorm room, or stay at home safely on your dressor, in a cabinet, on a shelf, or even in the fridge! Even cops won't think anything of it when they search your car! These make GREAT gifts also for Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.

Make this gift unique and different from the rest. Put a 20 dollar bill or a ring or necklace inside and give it to someone as a gift and make that gift special and different from the rest that they will remember forever and get a laugh out of as well.

 ***The design of the cans can change at the discretion of the manufacturer.***



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