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The World's Coolest Space Laser: XPRO V2 +Extras

$40.00 $89.00

The World's Coolest Space Laser - The XPRO V2!

Can Pop Balloons ✔
Can Light Matches ✔
Can Shine for Miles and Miles in Distance ✔
Can Point Out Stars & Constellations ✔
Can Put Millions of Stars/Sparkles in a Room with the attachable Sparkle Lens ✔
Can Be Used to Signal For Help ✔
Rechargeable ✔
Makes an Amazing Gift ✔
Will Amaze People that you show it to ✔

Laser ✔
Attachable Sparkle Lens ✔
Rechargeable Battery ✔
Battery Charger ✔
Keys that allow you to lock/unlock the laser ✔
Nice Magnetic Gift Box ✔

Have you ever wanted your very own lightsaber? Meet the The World's Cooelst Laser -- a revolutionary laser pointer carefully engineered to to emit a VIVID and CRISP visible green beam that will pierce the night sky. This Laser will even pop balloons and light matches! This amazing laser can shoot for miles and can point out EACH individual star in the sky. It comes with an attachable sparkle tip which allows you to shine thousands of sparkles all over anything you shine it on. This laser is not sold in stores yet. You can’t buy this laser technology in your local hardware store. We use the latest 2015 high power emitters to keep you ahead of the pack with advanced laser technology! Fully rechargeable so you don't have to worry about buying batteries for it. Be sure to buy extra rechargeable batteries on our website because if you do not have extra batteries then when your original battery that comes with your laser goes dead and needs charged you will not be able to use your laser until it charges unless you have extra backup batteries to use while the orgianal battery charges.


This laser can pop balloons, light matches, shoot for miles, and can point out any individual stars and constellations in the sky.






Attachable Sparkle Lens


Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery


Battery Charger


Set of keys that lock and unlock the laser


Wrist Strap


Nice Gift Box

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